CFPE-Enfants Disparus

CFPE-Enfants Disparus is the organisation which runs the 116 000 hotline in France.

CFPE-Enfants Disparus has been responsible for running the 116 000 hotline in France since 1 May 2012.

The Fondation pour l'Enfance [the childrens’ foundation] which used to man and run the 116000 hotline in France wished to pass on this role. With the agreement of its organizational partners, it handed over responsibility for 116 000 to CFPE-Enfants Disparus.

The organization:

  • coordinates 116 000 activity (from receipt of the call by our staff available 24/7 in Lyon, manages the case follow-up team for children reported missing by their parents ;
  • promotes the use of the 116 000 number (raising public awareness and lobbying government and local authorities);
  • promotes activities to prevent children going missing ; 
  • provides training for professionals involved in the disappearance of children.

The board

  • Me Dominique ATTIAS, lawyer
  • Madame Isabelle BARNIER, Independent administrator of MCE
  • M. Jacques BARROT, member of the Constitutional Council
  • M. Jean-Pierre DEBUISSON, chairman
  • Mme Corinne PERBEN, representative of the Fondation pour l’Enfance
  • M. Arnauld GRUSELLE
  • M. Alain JUNQUA, honorary magistrate
  • Me Pascal KOERFER, lawyer
  • Mme Françoise LARROQUE, chief superintendant
  • Mme Michèle SALVAT, magistrate