International Missing Children’s Day

The 25th of May

It was created to support the fight against paedophilia and networks of paedophile criminals. The day adopted the myosotis as its symbol since the name means “forget-me-not” in several European languages.


The first International Missing Children’s Day was organized in France in 2003 by the Fondation pour l’Enfance, La Mouette [French member of Missing Persons Europe], l’APEV (Aide aux Parents d’Enfants Victimes) [supporting families whose child has been killed or has disappeared],and MANU association [organization supporting families whose child has disappeared].
This day serves to remind the general public of the increasing numbers of children who have disappeared.

The 25th of May was adopted as International Missing Children’s Day in memory of Etan Patz, a child of 6 who was abducted in New York on that day in 1979.

The abduction of Etan Patz caused an enormous shock in the US. It marked the first time that the face of an abducted child appeared on milk cartons.
The murderer of the child confessed on the eve of 25 May 2012, 33 years after boy disappeared.