The 116 000 hotline is there to provide a sympathetic ear and support to the families of missing children.
It works with families in cases of runaways, parental child abductions in France or abroad, suspicious disappearances of minors and young adults (under 25).


Supporting and guiding families through the procedural maze

Above all, 116 000’s role is to advise families with regard to the administrative and legal procedures they need to undertake.
Through its extensive network of contacts (Police officers, Gendarmes, magistrates, government departments etc), lawyers from CFPE-Enfants Disparus through their privileged status in the enquiry, keep families updated on progress. They can also put parents in touch with local victims’-aid organizations.

This support is available for as long as families want it.


Advising and informing families and professionals

CFPE-Enfants Disparus is also tasked with preventing children going missing by providing advice, particularly in cases of parental child abduction.
It provides professionals with a source of information where they are faced with specialised cases requiring expertise in this area.

Contributing to national and European efforts on missing children

CFPE-Enfants Disparus’ lawyers are regularly consulted by national and European institutions and take part in working groups on its areas of responsibility (missing children, acrimonious separations, ways of preventing children disappearing etc).

Raising public awareness

Several awareness-raising activities are carried out each year. Eg the international day of missing children, production of awareness-raising messages for the media (television, cinema etc), a poster campaign to explain its work etc.