Running away is the main type of child disappearance reported to Police Stations and Gendarmeries (80%).Figures from the OCRVP [Office Central Pour La Répression Des Violences Aux Personnes - Central office for the suppression of crimes of violence] demonstrate that they continue to rise.
2000: 34 438 runaways reported; 2005: 40 233; 2011: 51 843.


What should you do if your child has disappeared once you’re convinced he’s run away?

  • Use the advice for children who have disappeared
  • Leave messages with people who might be in contact with the young person
  • Take the opportunity to think over the situation and prepare to negotiate the young person’s return.

What to do if your child phones?

  • Keep calm
  • Explain how you’re feeling
  • Say you don’t agree with him running away but also that you want to understand and find a solution to the situation.
  • Check he’s not in danger
  • Offer to call him.
  • Offer to meet in a neutral place.

For legal support or the production of a search notice, contact 116 000.