Advice to parents

  • Keep calm so that your search will be more effective. Get a member of the family or a close friend to help you..

  • Before contacting the Police or Gendarmerie, try to contact members of your family who live in the vicinity as well as your child’s friends and especially their parents.

  • If these first efforts draw a blank, report the disappearance to the nearest Police Station or Gendarmerie. Bring a recent photo of your child.

  • Check to see if your child took his things with him – clothes, bags, mobile (if it’s been left behind, check the chip is still in it), toilet bag. That will let you see if a note has been left for you. See if your child has taken his identity documents with him or if he has his travel pass or the ability to pay for travel.. 

  • Make sure someone is always at home to answer the phone in case your child tries to contact you.

  • Keep searching even after reporting the disappearance to the Police. Your active involvement is vital. You know your child and his habits better than anyone. Lots of parents find their child themselves. Look in places your child usually goes – places where he likes to be alone, fast-food restaurants, at a boy/girlfriend’s, shopping centres, stations etc. 

  • If possible, check (by asking his friends) to see if your child arranged a meeting with someone with whom he had been chatting on the Internet
  • Gather together and note down all the information you think important (such as contact details of friends you don’t know or information you’ve been given). That will make it easier for you to give it to the Police/Gendarmerie.

Please note this is just general advice. For support in your particular case, ring 116 000.